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Pay In Flexible Installments with NovunaPersonal Finance

We offer a range of finance packages such as 14.9% APR over a maximum length of 60 months, or 0% APR over varying terms lengths and 'Buy now pay later' as well. We offer these through our partner NovunaPersonal Finance ( Please note not all finance options are available across all products, this is at ourdiscretion.

Our most popular option is probably the 12 month Buy Now Pay Later plan. This one allows 12 months of time to pay off the balance without incurring any interest at all. You can pay it off in full on day 2, pay it off in full on day 364, or make payments as is convenient as you go along to clear the balance.

The Buy Now Pay Later option does incur differed interest, so if you don’t pay it off entirely by the time the year ends it rolls over onto an interest bearing deal, and you’ll incur a years’ worth of back dated interest.

Many of the available plans have flexible deposit amounts from no deposit down to 50% deposit; this can also be flexible to fit in around your requirements.

There is a minimum amount of £250 value of loan (after deposit) that needs to be taken out to be eligable for any finance options at all.

The application process is simple, takes around 5 minutes for you to complete, and is carried out online with a decision often made within 30 seconds of completion.

If you decide to take advantage of our instalment plans, here's a quick guide to everything you'll need to know.


Whether you've been coveting a crazy nice Acoustic or that valve amp you’ve always wanted why not make budgeting for it a little more flexible.

For example, you could purchase an electric guitar costing £738 using one of the following options (in this example all types of finance are available, this may not always be the case):

No specific amount per month for 12 months on the Buy Now Pay Later with no deposit required – total payable£767(assuming balance is paid within the year deferred period - this includes a £29 admin fee).

£55.35per month for 12 months at 0% Interest with 10% minimum deposit (£73.80) - total payable£738

£21.53per month for 24 months at 0% interest with 30% deposit (£221.40) – total payable£738

£16.49per month for 60 months at 12.9% Interest with no deposit required - total payable£989

Representative example of this 12.9% 60 month plan:

Product Price: £738
Repayment Term: 60 months
Monthly Instalment: £16.49
Amount of Credit: £738
Cost of Credit: £251.40
Total Payable: £989.40
APR: 12.9%
Interest Rate: 12.9% (fixed p.a)

As you can see you can tailor the finance options very flexibly to suit your needs.

Who is Eligible for Finance?

Applying for an instalment plan is similar to applying for a new credit card. The details you provide are checked against public registers, such as credit-rating agencies. To increase the chances of acceptance, ideally, you will have a good credit history - (no late payments, CCJ's, etc) - and meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be working at least 16 hours per week
  • Have 3 years of UK address history
When do my repayments start?

Your monthly repayments will begin one month after your purchase has been delivered.

Are there any arrangement fees or hidden extras for credit?

No. There are no arrangement fees or hidden extras.

Once my application is approved, what happens next?

Within minutes of your application being approved, you will be presented with the options to either esign or print and return your finance agreement.If you choose to e-sign your agreement, a PDF of your agreement will be displayed on screen. Youshould read the agreement carefully before clicking all the relevant sections agreeing to its terms.Once you have agreed to the terms of the finance agreement Peach Guitars Ltdtrading as Peach Guitars will be notified and you need do nothing more.If you choose to print and return your agreement you should print the agreement, read it carefully andthen sign the document following the instructions on the covering letter. This signed document shouldthen be posted to the address shown on the covering letter of the finance agreement.Note that products will not be allocated to your order until your completed and signed agreement is returned and received by NovunaPersonal Finance. Shipment of your goods will follow soon after youragreement has been returned and received.

Will you credit score me and if so, what does this mean?

Credit scoring is the process used by financial services companies to evaluate the credit risk of newapplicants. This technique will be applied to your application for online finance. Credit scoring worksby awarding points for each answer given on the application form such as age, income andoccupation, together with information obtained from credit reference agencies.
This information allows consistent decisions to be provided, ensuring all applicants are treated fairly.Credit scoring does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, religion or disability.

If you decline my application, what is the reason?

In addition to credit scoring, Novunaalso takes into account confirmation of your identity, validation ofcertain application details, existing commitments and information held at the credit referenceagencies. Though Novunais unable to provide you with a main reason for the decline of your application, it is usually based on one, or a combination of the following:

  • Your credit score (please note that every finance company will score you differently)
  • Adverse credit reference agency information
  • You are considered to be overcommitted
  • You are aged under 18
  • Your existing account performance with other lenders
What type of information do credit reference agencies hold about me?

Some of the information is public information, for example electoral roll, County Court Judgementsand bankruptcies. Other lenders may also file information about accounts you hold with them forinstance this could include your payment history and outstanding balance on these accounts. Anyrequests for credit, where a credit reference search has been undertaken, will also be filed, althoughthe result of the request is not recorded.

How do I obtain a copy of this information?

You should send a cheque for £2.00 made payable to the relevant credit reference agency, togetherwith details of all addresses at which you have lived over the last 6 years:

  • Experian Limited, Customer Support Centre, PO Box 9000, Nottingham, NG80 7WF
  • Equifax Ltd., Customer Service Centre, PO Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 4FS
  • TransUnion International UK Limited, Consumer Services, PO Box 491, Leeds, LS3 1WZ

The above listed agencies will provide details of information relating to these addresses. If you believethat the information is incorrect, you can ask the agency to correct it.

If my application is not successful, can I re-apply?

Yes. We acknowledge that circ*mstances change and just because a previous application has beenrefused, it does not mean that a further request will automatically be turned down. We do suggesthowever, that you leave at least 6 months between applications.

Can I request delivery to an address other than my home?

In order to safeguard against fraudulent applications, we regret that we're able only to deliver goods to the home address of the applicant.


Feel free to give us a ring on 01206 765 777 (and option 2 for customer services) or send us an email on, and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, pop into our shop and we can process your application while you wait.

About NovunaPersonal Finance

NovunaPersonal Finance is a trading style of Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For more information, please visit:

How to choose Pay Monthly finance as your payment:

Add your item to the cart.

Go to secure checkout.

Enter your details for the order as normal.

Select ‘NovunaPersonal Finance’ as the payment method.

From drop down menu choose your payment terms you’d like.

If a deposit amount needs to be charged, you'll be prompted for card details. This payment is authorised but not taken yet, in the case of failed applications the deposit amount will NOT be taken.

Proceed from Peach to the Novunasystem and fill in your details and follow the simple instructions.

After few minutes you will receive an e-mail from Novunawith the application details.

In the case of a successful application the application is now complete.

Peach Guitars acts a broker and not a lender, borrow responsibly.

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I'm an enthusiast with extensive knowledge in the field of personal finance, particularly in the realm of flexible installment plans and credit options. I've been deeply involved in researching and understanding various finance packages, and I'm excited to share my expertise with you.

The article you provided discusses the financing options offered by Peach Guitars through their partner, NovunaPersonal Finance. Let's break down the key concepts used in the article:

  1. Finance Packages: Peach Guitars offers a range of finance packages, including a 14.9% APR over a maximum length of 60 months, 0% APR over varying term lengths, and a 'Buy now pay later' option.

  2. Buy Now Pay Later Plan: The most popular option is the 12-month Buy Now Pay Later plan, allowing customers to pay off the balance within 12 months without incurring any interest. However, if not paid off entirely within the year, it rolls over to an interest-bearing deal with backdated interest.

  3. Flexible Deposit Amounts: Many plans have flexible deposit amounts, ranging from no deposit to a 50% deposit, tailored to fit customers' requirements.

  4. Minimum Loan Amount: To be eligible for any finance options, a minimum loan amount of £250 (after deposit) is required.

  5. Application Process: The application process is simple and can be completed online in about 5 minutes. Decisions are often made within 30 seconds of completion.

  6. Repayment Terms and Examples: The article provides examples of how customers can tailor their finance options based on their needs and preferences, including monthly payments and total payable amounts.

  7. Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for an installment plan, applicants should be over 18 years old, working at least 16 hours per week, and have a 3-year UK address history. A good credit history is also recommended.

  8. Repayment Start: Monthly repayments start one month after the purchase has been delivered.

  9. No Hidden Fees: There are no arrangement fees or hidden extras for credit.

  10. Credit Scoring: The article explains the credit scoring process used by NovunaPersonal Finance, which considers factors such as age, income, occupation, and information from credit reference agencies.

  11. Reasons for Decline: If an application is declined, it could be due to factors such as credit score, adverse credit reference agency information, being overcommitted, or being under 18.

  12. Credit Reference Agencies: Information about how to obtain a copy of the information held by credit reference agencies is provided.

  13. Re-Application: If an application is not successful, customers can re-apply after at least 6 months.

  14. Delivery Address: Goods can only be delivered to the home address of the applicant to safeguard against fraudulent applications.

  15. Contact Information: Customers can contact Peach Guitars for any questions or assistance related to the financing process.

  16. About NovunaPersonal Finance: NovunaPersonal Finance is introduced as a trading style of Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  17. How to Choose Pay Monthly Finance: The article provides steps on how customers can choose Pay Monthly finance as their payment method during the checkout process.

This comprehensive overview should provide a solid understanding of the key concepts and information presented in the article. If you have any specific questions or need further clarification on any topic, feel free to ask.

Novuna Personal Finance  - Peach Guitars (2024)


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