Low Histamine Vegan Recipes and Protein Sources - Through The Fibro Fog (2024)

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One of the requests I get most over on my Instagram is to share more low histamine vegan recipes, so I'm here to give you a round-up of tasty meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and sweet treats of course!

Vegan cooking is one of favourite kinds, and I love using delicious low histamine fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs. They are so flavourful and I always feel 'light' and happy after a low histamine vegan meal.

Have a peek at my low histamine recipes page for even more ideas!

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Breakfast ideas

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Blueberry smoothie bowl without banana

Easy to make and the most fun and fruity breakfast or low histamine vegan snack that is packed with goodness from the oats, chia seeds and blueberries. Don't forget to sprinkle on some pumpkin seeds or some desiccated coconut for a bit of crunch!

Apple pie porridge

Perfect for colder mornings, this is so hearty and warming. I love cooked apples, and this is so indulgent with a touch (or more!) of maple syrup.

Apple blackberry smoothie

A fun breakfast for when you want something a bit lighter. I love this after a run for my 'second breakfast' too!

Ginger turmeric granola

Granola is such a favourite of mine, and this version is full of flavour with tasty spices and maple syrup.

Lunch recipes

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Winter root vegetable soup

Always a go-to in the colder months, this soup is packed with veggies and is so full of flavour, warming and cosy.

Creamy wild rice vegetable soup

A hearty soup with wild rice and creamy coconut milk that still feels light and flavourful.

Quinoa vegetable soup

A fragrant soup with low histamine herbs and spices. Equally delicious for lunch or dinner!

Low histamine vegan salad bowl

One of the most popular recipes here on the blog! A huge bowl of goodness with tons of vegetables, quinoa and a lovely creamy tahini dressing.

Pumpkin quinoa salad

Perfect for the fall months, this is full of the cosy flavours of the season.

Multi-seed crackers

Pair with a salad for a good crunch! These crackers are so easy to make, and kids love them too!

Dinner recipes

Low Histamine Vegan Recipes and Protein Sources - Through The Fibro Fog (3)

Quinoa sweet potato bowl

The cosiest 'cheat's risotto' made with quinoa rather than rice. So easy to do and so full of flavour - perfect for fall or winter!

Coconut turmeric quinoa risotto

This recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner. Creamy and full of herby flavour, add in any vegetables you have to hand!

Winter buddha bowl

Full of fresh veggies that are abundant in the winter months, with herby quinoa and a tahini dressing.

Pistachio, mint and zucchini rice noodles

A light, herby and nutty rice noodle dish that is especially lovely in the summer months.

Vegan cauliflower alfredo

Creamy, herby and the best low histamine vegan comfort food dinner!

Coriander and pumpkin seed pesto

Comfort food classic! But with a low histamine vegan twist. The pesto is herby and tangy, but without dairy.


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Apple trail mix

A healthy and fun treat, that both adults and kids will love! All whole foods with tasty baked apple for sweetness.

Carrot cake energy balls

A fun snack that is filled with goodness. Dates are a little controversial on a low histamine diet, so be sure you are able to tolerate them.

Pumpkin seed and coconut clusters

These kid-friendly clusters are the perfect crunchy snack for mid-afternoon!

Melon peach smoothie

So fresh and fruity and has feels like the taste of summer.

Sweet treats

Low Histamine Vegan Recipes and Protein Sources - Through The Fibro Fog (5)

Spiced poached pears

A very pretty dessert that looks a little fancy, but is actually very easy to make. We use apple juice rather than wine for a vegan and non-alcoholic sweet treat.

Grilled peaches with coconut cream

The easiest sweet treat there is! Grilled peaches are so indulgent, with an amazing sweetness that pairs so well with the creamy coconut.

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I'm active on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest if you would like to follow along for more low histamine recipes!

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Please follow the advice of your doctor as to all medical treatments, supplements and dietary choices, as set out in my disclaimer. I am not a medical professional, and this post, as well as all other posts on this blog, are for informational purposes only.

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      Hi Maureen, hope that you enjoy the recipes and that the diet helps you!


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Low Histamine Vegan Recipes and Protein Sources - Through The Fibro Fog (2024)


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