30 Ideas for Crazy Hair Day at School - Stay at Home Mum (2024)

Crazy Hair Day is an Annual Fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis

Crazy Hair Day is an annual fundraising day held at most Australian Schools whereby kids can make their hair ‘crazy’.

They can spray it with coloured hair spray, make it into elaborate styles or turn their hair into something we haven’t seen before.

Table of Contents

  1. Crazy Hairstyle Ideas for Girls
  2. Crazy Hairstyle Ideas for Boys

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Crazy Hair Day in Australia is on the 7th August 2021

Most kids pay a gold coin to the school as part of the fundraiser in which the funds go towards Cystic Fibrosis, a condition that affects the lungs and digestive system.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls

1. The Little Mermaid Fish Tail

This hairstyle has taken the “fishtail’ quite literally! Just place a cut-out for the body and add colour to the tail with a green tint and now you’re good to go!

2. The Rainbow Hair Bridge

“There is always a rainbow after the rain”, but not for this little lady! The ponytail is bent to the side forming an arch and to complete the imagery, the cotton serves as the clouds and a series of coloured hair strips are tied in a spiral in the ponytail.

3. The Doughnut Bun

The hair is shaped into a bun and underneath, locked with a square-shaped plate, topped with a sprinkled chocolate glazeaccessory. Breakfast is now served!

4. Unicorn Horn

The hair is parted horizontally then a group of hair strands are tied at the back forming the unicorn’s hair and as for the legendary magical horn, the remaining hair strands at the front are tied into acone-shaped template.Now, go and be a unicorn!

5. The Tri-horned

The hair is grouped into three and is pulled in several directions. To maintain the shape, a solid structure holds the spikes and the ends are decorated with ribbons, which are tied at the end strands, then, the spikes are tinted with red. Regardless of what she might have gone through, this kid is absolutely happy!

6. The Crawlers

The hair is strategically parted to form a zigzag pattern on the scalp. Then two groups of hair are tied into a pig-tail decorated with plastic spiders and finished up with a bouquet of ribbons at the tip. Happy Halloween!

7. A Thousand Clips

This hair is straight-all-tied up! Any available hair clips will do, just clip it in your hair neatly and you are good to go. This is a great crazy hair style that the kids can do themselves! Grab cheap clips from your local cheap shop or chemist.

8. The Christmas Tree

The hair is hair sprayed in an upward direction, tinted with green and decorated with Christmas bling!Now, all she just needs are a couple of gifts!

9. The Spider Web

The hair is in a ponytail and is pulled in a direction that creates an illusion of a spider web. Finish it off with two creepy crawlers, now this is art!

10. The Unconventional High-Ponytail

Layered with different colours then tied into three different sections. If you can handle looking like there’s something that looks like a clown on top of your head, then you’re good to go!

11. The Braided Beard

This pretty much looks like Hannibal Lecter’s asylum mask, but well, for the sake of creativity. The hair is placed in front of the face then a group of strands is tied into a fishtail.

12. Floral Bouquet

The hair is tied up neatly without any loose ends, decorated with flowers, and to make it more lively, top it with decorative butterflies.

13. Eggstastic!

Whether this girl is celebrating Easter or not, she got her eggs all stored up! Just a couple of plastic eggs placed inside a weaved hair, then finishing it up with yellow ribbons.

14. The Bird

The hair is tied into a bun decorated with feathers, jiggly eyes, and felt cloth for the beak and feet. Never judge a kid with a bird on her head or you’ll get squeaked!

15. The “Hairy” Princess

The hair is tinted blue, hardened with hair spray in an upward direction, forming the princess’ dress.Why yearn for a crown if you can have the princess on top of your head?

16. The Organizer

Your hair may be the crowning glory, but this girl needs no crown, she needs an organiser! The hair is tied in a simple bun, then just stack a couple of materials you need.

17. Cupcakes Galore

This hair is neat with a twist! The hair is neatly tied then decorated with fancy cupcakes!

18. The Bee’s Knee’s

The hair is neatly tied up mixed with a yellow hair extension to complement the patterns of the bees.

Boys’ Crazy Hair Styles

19. The Surfer Dude

Rad Man! The hair is styled into a faux hawk and tinted with blue. To complete the design, top it with a Lego. How cool is that!

20. Spidey!

The hair is short and cropped, but that doesn’t stop Spiderman from stringing his head! All you need is a toy spidey and stringed cotton, go web!

21. The Iguana Crazy Hair Style

This hairstyle needs no iguana. Just a hair styled into a mohawk and shaved at the sides. The tip part of the hair serves as the head, then, the remaining is the body, painted with a couple of colours.

22. A Truck in a grass field

The hair is cropped then tinted with green, but it would be too plainright? So, top it with a steamroller toy truck. Now, go and rock that style kid!

23. The Jaws

This hairstyle is inspired by the movie, Jaws anddespite what’s happening to the dude in his head, he is happy! The hair is styled upward usinga hair spray, then it is tinted with deep blue for the oceanic effect. The figures are placed beside the fin of the styled hair.

24. Something’s in his Head!

Well, there is really something in his head! The hair is styled upward then added with two jiggly eyes and the forehead serves as the lower part of the face.

25. The Animal Kingdom

The animal figures and the colour of the hair made this kid’s hair a life-size animal kingdom!

26. Lizard Dreams

This style is cute and unique (although I did not expect the blue hair with the lizards.) Just colour tint a bright electric blue on the hair, then top it with lizard toys.

27. Zip it! Zip it Good!

The hair is styled in faux hawk then shaved at the sides. One side is painted with anunzippedzipper and a swift of stars appearing. So, stars do also exist inside your head huh?

28. Electrobuzz

The hair is styled in spikes then decorated with a string attached on two laundry clips. Thisis one electrifying kid!

29. Creepy Crawlies

Medusa has now a competition — this kid who has a couple of creepycrawlerslurking inside his hair! Colour the hair with greenandthe hair is messed all over then top itwith snakes, centipedes and spiders.

30. Eyeballs

The hair is spiked up then attached with eyeball figures in a fuzzy string.A martian has descended to earth!

There will never be a crazy hair day for any kid. How about you? can you be kookier than them?

30 Ideas for Crazy Hair Day at School - Stay at Home Mum (31)

30 Ideas for Crazy Hair Day at School - Stay at Home Mum (2024)


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