10 Best At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices: Safe & Effective (2024)

If you’re fed up with spending money, time, and energy eliminating unwanted body hair, then join the club. You’re not alone in dreaming of some kind of hair removal method that you could do from the comfort of your own home, wouldn’t cost half your savings, or need to be done on a semi-daily basis. Luckily, there’s a solution. Grab yourself an IPL hair removal device.

IPL is like a DIY version of laser treatment—with the added bonus that it’s not nearly as expensive. Home laser hair removal is incredibly effective, leaving you with visibly reduced regrowth—all without shelling out a minor fortune on monthly trips to the salon.

An IPL hair removal device uses broad-spectrum light to damage the hair follicle at the root, stopping it from growing back so fast—or even at all. It’s powerful but not so powerful that you require a qualification in beauty therapy to be able to do it.

So if you’re on a mission to get silky smooth skin, on your legs, bikini line, face, underarms, or even all over, then IPL is the hair removal device for you. Not only will you gradually be able to eliminate body hair for good, becoming bikini or at least little-black-dress-ready. But you’ll also neatly side-step other common hair removal woes such as ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation.

We’ve picked out the 10 best IPL hair removal devices on the market today. Say hello to professional-level hair removal at home. What took you so long?

The 10 best IPL hair removal devices

RankBrandBest for
1KenzziBest overall
2BoSidinBest high-end
3Silk’n InfinityBest compact
4RemingtonFastest working
5ImeneMost painless
6MiSMONBest for beginners
7BRAUNBest for comfort
8Philips LumeaBest for full body
9SensicaBest cordless
10TriaBest for small areas

Check our special at-home hair removal device buying guide after the list to see exactly what you should pay attention to when shopping for an IPL online.

Kenzzi: Best overall IPL hair removal device

We’ve already done an in-depth review of the Kenzzi IPL, and we love it for two reasons. One, it’s affordable. Two, you can customize it according to your pain tolerance.

The Kenzzi IPL Handset features five power settings so you can adjust according to sensitivity. In fact, we recommend starting with the lowest setting and working your way up as you get used to the sensation. The Kenzzi IPL can also be used all over, including on your face and bikini line.

Expect to see visible hair reduction in just three to four weeks with Kenzzi’s IPL device—pretty much a hair removal miracle as far as we’re concerned. Reviews say that results are on par with professional laser treatment.

Best for: A stress-free introduction to the ins and outs of IPL.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Flashes:10+ years of flashes
Usage:Once a week for three months, then top-up as needed.
Cordless: No

BoSidin: Best high-end laser hair removal device

Admittedly, the BoSidin is not the cheapest IPL device on our list. But that higher price tag guarantees seriously effective operation. Plus, it’s easily the most stylish IPL we’ve seen.

One of the major selling points of the BoSidin is that it uses OPT technology to deliver the same kind of intensity that you find in medical-grade hair removal devices. This means even the toughest of hairs won’t stand a chance.

You can use this device all over your body, from your underarms to your upper lip, using the 180-degree rotating head for next-level precision. Plus, there’s dynamic cooling technology that lowers the temperature of the skin to reduce pain.

Finally, the BoSidin features an infrared light that works on your skin simultaneously to activate collagen, reduce wrinkles, and restore elasticity. All in all, there’s no way you could be disappointed with this device.

Best for: A state-of-the-art and supremely stylish way to go stubble-free.

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Intensities:6 power settings
Usage:Three times a week for the first two weeks, once or twice a week for another two weeks, then once every week for another month. After that, top-up as needed.
Cordless: No

Silk’n Infinity: Best compact IPL device

We’re always trying to cut down on clutter, especially in our bathrooms. So we really appreciate the space-saving size of the Silk’n Infinity IPL device.

Like other IPL devices, the Silk’n Infinity uses light pulses to disable hair growth right at the root. The company claims users will experience a 92% reduction in regrowth after the recommended amount of sessions. In fact, after eight treatments, you’ll most likely find yourself with permanent hair reduction and will only need the occasional maintenance session from then on.

Unlimited flashes mean you never have to worry about replacing the cartridge, enjoying expert hair elimination for as long as you need. With its ultra-high-speed repetition of pulses, the Silk’n Infinity is incredibly fast as well as being very neat at under 13 x 7.5 cm in size. You may find your partner wants to steal it for the occasional chest-hair blitz too.

Best for: Cute, compact, and with minimal bathroom cabinet footprint.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Usage:Every two weeks for two months, then once a month. Then top-up as needed.
Cordless: No

Remington: Fastest working IPL device

This Remington home laser hair removal system is one of the most popular and best-selling IPL devices out there for a reason. It works super quickly. You only need three treatments before you’ll start to see results.

In fact, some reviewers claim they experienced thinner hair after just one use. And even if you aren’t so lucky, the company promises up to 94% hair reduction in just three treatments thanks to its 16 joules per flash. The Remington is also FDA-cleared and clinically proven, so you can rest assured that it’s not going to do any damage to your skin.

Of course, the downside of the Remington’s epic effectiveness is that you’ll have to replace it sooner—after just 30,000 pulses. Nevertheless, given that hair removal is not the most enjoyable experience, speed trumps longevity in our eyes.

Best for: Silky-smooth skin for those with no time to spare.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Usage:Use three times to see 94% reduction in hair.
Cordless: No

Imene: Most painless at home laser hair removal device

Hair removal is painful. We hear you. This Imene IPL has been designed with sensitive souls in mind and features an ice compress to cool skin and reduce discomfort, so you can zap away fuzz until your heart’s content without having to hold back shrieks in the process.

The built-in ice compress plate maintains the skin at a nice and cool temperature, calming and soothing to reduce redness, inflammation, and swelling. You can use the cooling function at the same time as the hair removal function for minimal discomfort, maximum results.

In addition, the Imene boasts an impressive 500,000 flashes before you have to replace it—enough for up to 11 individual’s entire bodies to be removed of hair. Plus, it features a manual flash mode for highly precise areas like your underarms and an auto flash mode for larger skin areas like your legs.

Best for: Mega-effective hair removal that won’t make you grimace.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Usage:Up to 92% hair reduction after twelve weeks of use.
Cordless: No

MiSMON: Best IPL device for beginners

If you’re just starting out on your IPL adventure and you’re a little apprehensive, you need a device that’s intuitive to use and doesn’t require a science degree to understand. MiSMON is our top pick for beginner IPLs because of its simple instructions and pre-programmed settings. It’s as easy to use as your electric toothbrush.

With an FDA Safety Certificate, this IPL offers total peace of mind for laser treatment newbies. This compact hand-held device features an LCD screen monitoring the number of flashes on the skin. You can choose between five different energy levels.

The higher the energy, the more effective the hair removal but those with fair skin will want to stick with levels 1-3. The MiSMON also has a smart skin color detection to indicate whether your skin is suitable or not.

Best for: Salon-beating results without much brainpower required.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Usage:Once a week for the first three weeks, then once every two weeks for up to nine weeks, then once every two months.
Cordless: No

BRAUN: Best laser hair removal for comfort

Comfort isn’t a word we typically associate with hair removal—but thanks to Braun, it might be.

With ten energy levels, you can adjust the intensity of this IPL device depending on your tolerance to the pain. What’s more, Braun’s IPL device has got a smart adaptive skin sensor that automatically and continuously adjusts the technology according to your skin tone, so no risk of burns or inflammation.

Plus, it’s been both clinically tested and dermatological-accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, so you know it can be trusted. It’s small and compact for easy handling and has an impressive 400,000 flashes—30% more than the previous model, the Silk Expert 5.

Oh, and apparently, with the BRAUN IPL, you can do both legs in less than five minutes. Think how much time you’ll win back over a year!

Best for: Customizable comfort levels for minimal pain with perfect smoothness.

Check best price

Intensities:10 power settings
Usage:Once a week for up to 12 weeks, then top-up whenever needed.
Cordless: No

Philips Lumea: Best IPL device for full body

If you won’t be able to rest until your entire body is smooth and stubble-free, then you need to get your hands on the Philips Lumea, which can be used on your body, face, and bikini line.

Plug this Philips device into the mains and get to work. The extra-long cord is an added convenience. And while it’s not effective for those with red, light blonde, or white or grey hair, or those with dark skin, for everyone else, it’s super high-performing, even on sensitive areas such as your upper lip, bikini area, or chin. Simply use the precision attachments included.

The Philips Lumea also features five intensity settings, so you can adjust according to the area you’re targeting. There’s also a light on the back that will tell you what setting is best for your skin tone, adjusting to avoid pain or burns.

Best for: Banishing unwanted body hair with little to no hassle.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Usage:Every two weeks for two months, then top-up as needed.
Cordless: No

Sensica: Best cordless IPL device

Wireless is the way of the future and that applies to IPL devices too. This is why we’re raving about the Sensica.

This nifty and ergonomically designed handheld device is cordless and totally portable, ideal for throwing into your carry-on bag for a last-minute trip somewhere bikini-worthy. The device also features RPL technology—reactive pulsed light, the next generation in IPL technology. This makes hair removal even safer and more comfortable for users.

Sensica’s IPL also features six adjustable settings, ensuring it’s gentle on your skin. There are two windows—one for large areas, one for smaller areas like the upper lip, jawline, or chin. The Sensica IPL is also FDA-cleared, and you get unlimited flashes. There are 600 flashes between charges, which is enough for a full-body treatment.

Best for: Cord-free, faff-free, and unlimited flashes.

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Intensities:6 power settings
Usage:For body hair, every two weeks during the first month, then once every month after that. For facial hair, every two weeks for the first five weeks, then once every month. After using for seven to eight weeks, top-up as needed.
Modes:Two windows, one for larger skin areas, one for smaller areas.
Cordless: Yes

Tria: Best laser hair removal machine for small areas

The Tria IPL is an FDA-cleared at-home laser hair removal system, having passed numerous dermatologist-led clinical studies and been approved by the US public health authorities. It’s also been specifically designed for small areas of skin like the bikini line, underarms, or face.

The Tria features a clever contoured design that makes it ideal for small, hard-to-reach, or sensitive areas. We’ve found it especially effective on the upper lip where other IPL devices can be too clunky. It’s also incredibly small itself, lightweight, and compact enough that you can throw it in your toiletry bag when you go away on trips.

Indicator lights signal the power setting and battery life, while a skin sensor unlocks the laser if your skin is suitable. The Tria’s precise laser wavelength selection targets the hair follicle carefully and accurately, granting you all the control you need. And with guaranteed results or your money back, what have you got to lose?

Best for: Approved and ultra-effective laser hair removal for sensitive body parts.

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Intensities:5 power settings
Usage:Every two weeks for at least four months to see a visible reduction in regrowth.
Cordless: Yes

Buyers guide: understanding and choosing an IPL device

Learn what IPL hair removal is, how it compares to standard laser treatment, safety issues to consider, how to choose a device, and how to use it at home.

What exactly is IPL?

IPL is a broad-spectrum light that’s used to reduce hair growth. You stamp or glide the device over your skin and it emits light as you go. By targeting the melanin in the hair follicle—the pigment that gives hair its color—it damages the root and hinders regrowth.

Caution: Unfortunately, laser hair removal at home doesn’t work effectively with grey, white, or light blonde hair, as it can’t pick up melanin. It’s also not safe on darker skin tones as the laser ends up targeting the skin rather than the follicle.

What’s the difference between IPL and laser hair removal?

Both IPL and laser hair removal use light to heat up hair follicles and prevent them from growing back. But laser treatment uses a different kind of light source and is more powerful and concentrated. Therefore it can only be done by a trained professional. Both are effective at reducing body hair, but IPL has the advantage that it can be used at home and is cheaper.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal can permanently reduce body hair. But for an at-home alternative, we recommend IPL, which offers similar results to professional laser treatment. It only takes a couple of sessions, after which hair regrowth will be slower, finer, and perhaps disappear altogether.

Is at-home laser hair removal safe?

IPL laser hair removal is safe for most people. However, it’s not safe for all skin tones, as it can’t distinguish between dark hair and dark skin, which could lead to burns. Check the manufacturer’s guide before buying. And even after purchase, you should do a patch test to ensure it’s ok for your skin. Finally, only buy from trusted brands.

Different IPL device features

Check out the following features when making a decision about which IPL device to buy:

  • Number of flashes – these vary from around 30,000 to 500,000, although some devices boast unlimited flashes. Once the lamp runs out of flashes, you’ll need to buy a replacement.
  • Cooling technology – this can help alleviate any discomfort or redness if you find the sensation painful.
  • Customisable intensity – this can help manage pain, especially in more sensitive areas.
  • Speed – this refers to how much time there is between flashes. Obviously, the faster it is, the quicker you can remove the hair.
  • Treatment heads – use different treatment head sizes for different parts of your body, such as your face or bikini line.
  • Skin tone sensor – this will detect whether the IPL is safe to use with your skin tone.
  • Cordless – some devices are cordless which makes them more portable and appropriate for travel.

How to use an IPL device

After conducting a patch test to ensure no negative reactions, give your skin a wash with your favourite body scrub. Then shave and dry off. Begin with the lowest energy setting on the device and go slowly, using a stamping movement for precision in small areas or a gliding motion over larger areas of skin. You can work up to a higher energy level as you get used to the sensation.

While some compare using a laser hair removal machine to the feeling of being flicked with an elastic band—hot and tingly—discomfort varies from person to person. Luckily, it’s over quickly, and you can vary the energy settings according to sensitivity.

Frequently asked questions about IPL hair removal devices

Which is the best IPL hair removal system?

One of the best IPL hair removal systems price/quality ratio wise is made by Kenzzi. Kenzzi’s hair removal IPL device has five power settings for different skin sensitivities. It’s also affordable, and you’ll see results in just three months. Check our guide to the best IPL devices for more inspiration.

Does IPL really work for hair removal?

IPL is an effective form of hair removal that uses light to damage the melanin in the hair follicle, preventing it from growing back. With consistent treatment, you can dramatically reduce regrowth, and hairs that do grow back will be finer.

What is the best home laser hair removal?

While it’s not currently possible to do laser hair removal at home, the next best thing is IPL, a hair removal method offering the same results as laser treatment. The best IPL device is made by Kenzzi. It’s affordable, effective, and adjustable. For more options, check out our IPL guide.

What’s best: IPL or laser hair removal?

Both IPL and laser hair removal use light to damage the hair follicle and hinder regrowth, but laser technology is more concentrated and intense. For most people, IPL is better because it’s faster, cheaper, less painful, and can be done at home.

10 Best At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices: Safe & Effective (2024)


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